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MultiPoint Vote


To come up with an effective technique in getting the response from the people about the products and services they avail is, nonetheless, crucial for companies and service providers. These feedbacks are important in order to observe and describe the trends of the demands of customers and consumers.

Importance and Function

With the presence of technology, we could easily integrate business and marketing strategies with innovation. The integration of these areas shall provide an effective way to meet the interest of the people, enabling us to study their needs and behavior.

Using MultiPoint, a technology developed by Microsoft, we shall have the ability to merge these different areas to create an efficient way to catch people's attention in a more unique and creative way, with an added value for promotion and publicity.


As the coordinator for this project, I aim to expose a non-academic purpose for Microsoft's MultiPoint Technology. This shall also serve as a repository of ideas for developing currently existing techniques for conducting basic and casual polls and surveys.

Release History

MultiPointVote v.1

  • This accepts user inputs: number of participants, poll/survey title and the list of options
  • A text file containing the items listed line per line can be passed as options source
  • The source text file shall come from the application folder
  • The maximum number of options is ten
  • The whole process is divided into three phases: setup, voting and result
  • Administrator mouse has an orange cursor
  • Administrator mouse cannot be used for voting
  • Non-administrator mice shall be only visible during the voting phase and shall be disabled upon casting the vote
  • Non-administrator mice are not allowed to close the election
  • Non-administrator mice have black cursors
  • Results during the result phase are tabulated
  • A .csv file shall be generated as hard copy of the result
  • Please Run as Administrator to create the .csv file
  • The .csv file shall be generated in the application folder
  • The program shall quit if there is not at least one USB mouse attached

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